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3 Tips for Choosing Promotional Products for a Trade Show October 9, 2019

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3 Tips for Choosing Promotional Products for a Trade Show, Tucker, Georgia

Trade shows are a great way to get your brand out there for the public to see, especially if you're giving out promotional products. People love getting free gifts, so these products will help spark interest in your company and generate potential leads for future business. However, while promotional goods are great for bringing people to your booth, some freebies are going to make more of an impact than others.

How to Optimize Promotional Products

1. Keep It Relevant

Consider the type of trade show you're at and the audience. If it's a hot summer day, people will be more likely to grab warm-weather products like cups of cold water with your logo on them. If the trade show is themed, tailor your freebies to match the nature of the show. For example, if you're at a health and wellness show, consider small towels, water bottles, or drawstring bags with your logo on them. Keeping your products tailored to the environment will help you garner more interest.

2. Offer a Variety

Promotional ProductsOffering many different promotional products helps to ensure you're getting maximum exposure. For example, if you decide on coffee cups as your only promotional item, this may appeal to only a select group. However, if someone who has no use for a coffee cup also sees pens and tote bags, they'll take something that appeals to them. Promotional products are meant to reach as large of an audience as possible, and variety helps you do just that. 

3. Make It Convenient

Convenience is a significant factor in whether or not someone will take home one of your promotional items. If your product is large, people may pass it up because they don't want to carry it around or bring it back to the car. Ideally, you want something pocket-sized or only slightly bigger.

Convenience also extends to usability. If your freebie is something practical that people may actually use, it enhances the impact of the item long after the show. Pens are a great example since they're always handy and someone will see your logo every time they use them. 


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