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How to Craft the Perfect Fall Flower Bouquet October 4, 2019

Midtown East, Manhattan
How to Craft the Perfect Fall Flower Bouquet, Manhattan, New York

With autumn in full swing, it’s the season for vibrant fall colors and cozy vibes. If you want to bring the beautiful colors of nature indoors this season, creating a bouquet of fall flowers is the perfect way to do it. For some floral design inspiration, here is a helpful guide.

A Guide to Creating a Beautiful Fall Bouquet

What Staple Flowers to Use in the Fall 

Autumn boasts a spectacular combination of vibrant warm colors and earthy tones. When crafting a bouquet, take a cue from autumn’s leaves and opt for rich reds and oranges, bright yellows, dark burgundies, and even purples. Some beautiful examples of fall flowers include orange gerberas, gold cushion mums, red daisies, maroon carnations, purple alstroemeria, and burgundy button spray chrysanthemums.

What Vases to Use

flowersThere are many vase options to choose from to help round out your bouquet. For something formal and timeless, try a clear glass vase wrapped with a warm-colored ribbon for a pop of color. For a more charming and rustic look, consider a wicker basket. When the blooms reach the end of their life, you’ll have a lovely basket to adorn with household keepsakes.

How to Create a Centerpiece

A fall centerpiece is truly the staple of the season and a perfect way to bring outdoor colors inside. Use one to decorate your Thanksgiving table or keep one around the home throughout the season to add warmth. In addition to selecting from the flowers and vase options above, consider adding additional fall accessories to your bouquet. This can include anything from pinecones to miniature pumpkins to artificial grapes.


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