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Where Should You Put a Gun Safe? October 4, 2019

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Where Should You Put a Gun Safe?, Barnesville, Ohio

If you own a gun, then it’s your responsibility to keep it secured within your home because it could lead to a dangerous accident or end up in the wrong hands. Gun safes are vital safety measures. If you’re newly considering one, you want to be sure you have it in the right location. The information in this guide can help you decide where it could go in your home based on the available rooms. 

What Should Homeowners Know About Gun Safe Placement?

What Should You Consider About Spots?


When selecting a place for your gun safe, you want to protect firearms from moisture, floods, fires, and intruders.

Basements can be humid and can flood, so you’d at least need a dehumidifier.

Steer clear of areas with fuel tanks or fireplaces; rooms above or below stoves are hazardous for safes. Generally, garages are not safe places because owners store fuel-containing items like lawnmowers and flammable yard chemicals. 

Ensure that you keep your gun safe in a place that burglars won’t easily access. A living room isn’t ideal since burglars often target it. 

Which Locations Are Best?

Basements that don’t flood are options for safes because there isn’t much foot traffic in these rooms. Owners usually have legs on basement vaults as flood precautions.

If your home has a den or office that your children don’t often enter, you can keep a small handgun safe in this room. Some homeowners may also hide a small handgun safe in their bedroom closet because they can monitor it and easily reach it at night if necessary. 


If you are looking for a safe to store your guns, the team at Flag Floors of Barnesville can help you find a name brand Liberty Safe® to fit your needs. Located in Barnesville, OH, this retailer has more than 30 years of experience in handgun vault installations. You can visit them online to view a full list of their services and learn more about their local showroom. Reach their team by calling (740) 425-3344. 

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