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Do’s & Don’ts of Lawn Mower Safety September 2, 2020

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Do’s & Don’ts of Lawn Mower Safety, ,

You probably use your lawn mower frequently throughout the year, but that doesn't necessarily mean you're an expert. While you may be comfortable using the machine, it still has many moving parts that can easily cause damage and injury. Review the following do's and don'ts to ensure you're staying safe when using your equipment.


Review the owner’s manual.

Make sure you thoroughly read through your owner's manual to learn how your lawn mower works. The manual will also offer cleaning and safety tips, showing you how to operate your machine correctly and take care of it between uses.

Dress appropriately.

When using your lawn mower, wear long pants and closed shoes. Always put on hearing protection to protect your ears from engine noise, and consider wearing goggles to shield your eyes from debris that'll get kicked up as you mow.

Practice good maintenance.

Always clean your mower between uses to avoid dirt and grass buildup that can dull blades. When cleaning, ensure the motor is off before wiping everything down. Before storing your machine, give it a thorough wash and check that fluids such as engine oil are at the right levels.


Put your fingers inside.

No matter how small or accessible a clog may be, never put your hands inside the lawn mower, as this can cause serious injuries. Instead, turn off the motor and use a stick or tool to remove clumps and clogs.

Neglect the land.

Before mowing, walk around your property and check for stones, toys, and other objects that can get in the way of your lawn mower and possibly fly up and injure you. Also, look for holes and spots of uneven terrain, so you don't lose your footing as you work.

Touch hot surfaces.

The engine and exhaust system can get pretty hot, so avoid touching these areas, especially bare-handed. Also, be careful when refueling and make sure not to add gas when the machine is too hot.


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