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Do's & Don'ts for Newborn Babies July 4, 2020

Suffern, Rockland County
Do's & Don'ts for Newborn Babies, Suffern, New York

While navigating pregnancy can be challenging, caring for a newborn baby can be even more confounding for new parents. They require additional care and nutrition so they can remain healthy throughout their infancy. The following are a few tips new parents can use to ease their fears about raising their first child. 


Feed your baby appropriately.

All babies under 12 months old should be fed either breast milk or formula, which contain the essential nutrients for proper development. While your newborn will likely let you know when they’re hungry, feedings should occur every two to three hours. When cleaning nipples and bottles, be sure to use sterilized water to prevent illness. 

Reduce the risk of SIDS.

pregnancyWhile doctors don’t know what causes sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), it often occurs while an infant is asleep. Creating a proper sleeping environment is crucial during this stage. Babies must sleep in cribs with firm mattresses and no pillows or stuffed animals. Babies must also sleep on their backs for the first year and should never be placed in an adult bed. 


Neglect pediatric care.

Much like obstetric care during pregnancy, pediatric care is crucial once your baby has arrived. Even if your infant seems healthy, never skip scheduled visits with your pediatrician. Adhere to the immunization schedule recommended by your doctor and never rely on home remedies or other unreliable treatments in place of proven medical care.

Leave your baby unattended.

The more attention you pay to your baby during the first year the better. Be attentive to your baby’s needs during bath time, feedings, and in general. Hold your baby, make eye contact, and speak to them often to encourage communication and comfort. The more affection and care you show to an infant, the healthier their development will be. 



Having the right support during your pregnancy will ensure you’re ready for the day your baby finally arrives. Home Birth with Love ensures women in Suffern, NY, have the proper support to give birth in the safety and comfort of their own homes. Maternity services are provided by certified nurse-midwife Leah Marinelli, who offers more than 16 years of experience to pregnant women. Along with home birth assistance, she also provides postnatal support and guidance on newborn care. Learn more about their services online or call (845) 641-5058 for more information. 

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