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3 Reasons to Rent a Wood Chipper October 1, 2019

West Hamilton, Hamilton
3 Reasons to Rent a Wood Chipper, Hamilton, Ohio

During the fall, property owners across the area clean up their outdoor spaces and prepare for the long winter ahead. Utilizing a wood chipper from an equipment rental provider helps streamline this process, reducing branches, leaves, brush, and other organic debris into easily removable loads. Here are a few benefits of renting a wood chipper.

Why You Should Rent a Wood Chipper

1. Save Money

Debris like fallen trees and branches take up a considerable amount of room in an average-sized truck, resulting in multiple trips to the landfill to clear your property. Besides transportation costs and landfill fees, your vehicle receives plenty of wear and tear. A wood chipper grinds debris into a manageable load, minimizing the number of landfill runs you have to make.

2. Be Environmentally Responsible

equipment rentalYou can reuse the mulch from the wood chipper for your landscaping needs, which gives a useful second life to the debris that once littered the property. Also, because of environmental concerns, many areas prohibit the burning of organic matter. Repurposing yard waste for fertilization, weed control, or decorative purposes eliminates the need for burning and maintains cleaner and healthier air quality.

3. Clean Up Fast

Using a wood chipper from an equipment rental provider ensures a speedy cleanup. Fallen trees, branches, and larger pieces of wood can be extremely heavy and unwieldy, requiring a considerable amount of labor to gather and dispose of. A wood chipper breaks these items down into small, light pieces, which means you can clear your property in a fraction of the time.


Hamilton Rental Center Inc. has been providing equipment rentals to Butler County, OH, and the surrounding areas since 1984. In addition to wood chippers, they rent asphalt sealers, aerial lifts, lighting, heaters, fans, and many other essential items. They also feature a large inventory of products for sale, including tools and accessories, propane, and blacktop. Call (513) 868-8665 or visit them online to learn more about their availability or to reserve your wood chipper today.

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