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3 Reasons to Utilize Regular Pest Control Services October 3, 2019

Maineville, Warren
3 Reasons to Utilize Regular Pest Control Services, Maineville, Ohio

Too many people don’t call their local exterminator until they’ve had an infestation. Preventive pest control is a valuable part of your property maintenance. The benefits that you and your family will enjoy from these regular preventive treatments make the cost and effort well worthwhile.

The Benefits of Preventive Pest Control

1. Save Property Destruction

When unwanted visitors choose to make their home in your home, they can do a lot of destruction very quickly. Termites, for example, will destroy your home’s wood structures while staying completely hidden from sight. Rodents can chew through electrical wiring, sparking a fire or leaving you without power. Because your home is the most valuable asset you own, it’s worth protecting. Keeping the pests out in the first place may prevent many thousands of dollars in damage.

2. Protect Family Well-Being

maineville pest controlPests can be destructive to your family’s health and wellbeing, including both people and pets. Common offenders such as roaches, fleas, and other pest carry diseases that they can pass along when they bite someone. Rodents can spread disease by contaminating your food or biting someone with their very sharp teeth. Keeping them out will help keep your loved ones safe in their own home and yard.

3. Save Money

People often skip preventive residential pest control because they don’t want to pay for it. However, prevention is cheaper than reaction. The cost of dealing with an established infestation is much higher than a routine service. If you have a bad infestation, you may even have to deal with moving out of the home and finding a place to stay while it’s treated. In the long run, preventive care will save you a lot of money.


BUG-A-PEST, LLC makes prevention easy and affordable for the residents of Maineville, Mason, Loveland OH, and Warren County. This pest control team has over 25 years of experience and is a member of both the Ohio State and National Pest Management Associations. They use effective techniques to keep those unwanted visitors away. Learn more on their website and call (513) 459-7700 to schedule a service. Ask about their $50 new customer discount on an initial service with a one-year agreement.

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