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3 Reasons to Get Your Car Key Duplicated October 3, 2019

Irondequoit, Monroe
3 Reasons to Get Your Car Key Duplicated, Irondequoit, New York

It’s a moment that every driver dreads—you’re staring through your window at the keys that you could have sworn were in your hand a moment ago. Car lockouts are frustrating, and losing your keys can feel even worse, which is why it’s worth keeping a spare. Whether you give it to a friend or put it in a magnetic box under your car, here are three reasons to get a duplicate car key.

Why Duplicate Your Car Key?

1. Prevent Inconvenient Lockouts

If you accidentally lock your keys in your car, you could be waiting for a while until a locksmith can get to you. That time spent waiting can cause you to be late to work or an important appointment. If you have kids, it could even lead to a situation no parent wants—you’re locked out while your child is still in the car. Save yourself the time and stress with a duplicate car key.

2. Skip the Hassle of Replacement

duplicate car keysAs cars have gotten more advanced, the cost and complications of replacing a key have drastically increased. Now, most keys are digitally programmed, making them harder to duplicate. While this makes your car more secure, it also means replacing it is more involved than heading to your hardware store. Cutting a spare based on your current key is easier and cheaper, so invest in a spare now and prevent trouble down the line.

3. Save Money

Compared to the costs of a locksmith’s services or a key replacement performed without the original, a spare key’s cost is minimal. You can even visit a hardware store that specializes in duplicate car keys. They’ll cost less than visiting the original dealer, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re ready for lockouts or losing a key.


Protect yourself with a spare by visiting Black’s Hardware in Rochester, NY. Since 1948, they’ve been the area’s trusted provider for home improvement supplies, auto parts, home security supplies, and duplicate car keys. They’ve also won Rochester’s #1 Hardware Store award from Democrat & Chronicle® twice. To learn about their full range of services and inventory, visit their website. Call (585) 544-9896 with any questions.

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