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How The iPhone And Android Repair Specialists At R & I Wireless Plus Can Bring Your Dead Battery Back to Life September 21, 2015

Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
How The iPhone And Android Repair Specialists At R & I Wireless Plus Can Bring Your Dead Battery Back to Life, Brooklyn, New York

Although lithium-ion batteries are more reliable and require less maintenance than the old nickel-based batteries used in flip phones and older smart phones, they're still one of the primary causes of cell phone returns. To satisfy customer demands, most stores offer a battery exchange with no questions asked, which costs manufacturers and retailers millions of dollars per year, even though as many as 90% of the batteries returned can quickly be restored. In fact, R & I Wireless Plus, Brooklyn's iPhone and Android repair specialists, have the expertise to get most batteries working again.


Most batteries that appear to be faulty actually suffer from improper charging or defective chargers, or they may have been sitting on the shelf too long. An experienced cell phone repair specialist with a modern battery analyzer can determine the cause of the battery's failure in just a few minutes.

Sometimes a battery has been discharged too deeply, and it can't be restored by normal chargers. After the analyzation process is complete, with a few minutes more, the safety circuits that have fallen asleep can be reactivated. R & I Wireless Plus has found that they can restore a significant portion of dead batteries this way.

Their expertise covers almost every system in every phone from almost any manufacturer. Whether your screen is cracked or you've dropped your phone in your coffee, you can depend on these mobile phone experts for the fast, reliable, friendly service.

Call R & I Wireless Plus at (718) 680-0084 if you have any questions, or just visit the shop on 9407 3rdAvenue to get your battery fixed anytime.

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