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Do's & Don'ts of Vehicle Wraps November 18, 2019

East New York, Brooklyn
Do's & Don'ts of Vehicle Wraps, Brooklyn, New York

A vehicle wrap is a customized vinyl decal that’s wrapped around a car or truck. When used as an outdoor advertising tool, it can be a highly effective way to get the word out about your business. Following are some do’s and don’ts for creating one that works.


Use simple fonts.

It’s important to remember that a vehicle wrap is almost always in motion, which means that viewers have mere seconds to absorb the information you’re presenting. While funky, ornate fonts can be eye-catching, your vehicle wrap won’t be effective if it can’t be easily understood. It’s best to use clear, simple fonts that can be read quickly and from a distance. 

Keep it on-brand.

A business’s marketing materials are most effective when they follow a branding plan that’s consistent across multiple channels. Your vehicle wrap is no exception and should be easily recognizable. When designing it, be sure to follow your company’s established style guidelines for elements like color, logo size, and font preference.


Go overboard with design.

New York vehicle wrapIntricate designs and busy patterns on your vehicle wrap can be confusing and detract from its main message. Instead of trying to turn heads with flashy details, choose one simple-yet-compelling image (your logo, for instance) to grab viewers’ attention. 

Crowd it with too much text.

As is the case with font and design, less is more when it comes to the text you put on your vehicle wrap. Keep it straightforward and include only essential details that can be quickly scanned, such as your company name and contact information (including website and social media handles), and perhaps a short slogan.


If you’re interesting in taking advantage of vehicle wraps, get in touch with DTM Signs and Truck Wraps today. Based in Brooklyn, NY, this award-winning graphic design team provides of a wide range of effective advertising services, from vehicle wraps and truck lettering to commercial screen printing and business cards. Visit their website to learn more about the company and their financing options, and call (347) 312-5488 to speak with a helpful representative today.

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