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A Guide to Colored Contacts for Halloween October 1, 2019

Aiea, Ewa
A Guide to Colored Contacts for Halloween, Ewa, Hawaii

Colored contact lenses can transform your Halloween costume from ordinary to extraordinary, adding authenticity and becoming the centerpiece of your look. But to get the safest, most effective use out of your lenses, keep these considerations in mind before buying.

The Importance of Buying Contacts From an Optometrist

colored contactsWhile you may want them strictly for decorative purposes, contact lenses are first and foremost medical devices. As such, they’re regulated by the Food & Drug Administration, and a valid prescription from an optometrist is the only way to obtain them, whether for decorative reasons or vision correction.

When purchasing colored contacts without a prescription or from anyone other than a licensed optometrist, you’re taking chances with your eye health. In addition to an ill-fitting lens, these over-the-counter contacts could also come with a higher risk of infection or harmful chemicals or allergens. For the well-being of your eyes, visit a doctor for a contact lens exam and acquire a legitimate prescription.

Caring for Colored Contacts

To ensure your contacts remain safe for your eyes, always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling them. Clean the lenses with only manufacturer-approved products, and store them in a solution inside capped containers.

Never let someone else borrow your colored contacts. Also, don't wear the lenses overnight. At most, keep them in for no more than 16 hours. Aim to remove them a couple of hours before bedtime to give your eyes a chance to rest.


When you need quality colored contacts, trust Dr. Edwin Y. Endo, O.D. & Associates. Since 2010, Dr. Endo and his team have provided the Honolulu, HI, area with a variety of eye care services, including exams, glasses and contacts, and laser surgery. Let them help you find the best colored lenses for your eye health and Halloween costume. Call (808) 487-5500 to schedule an appointment, or visit them online for more information on their offerings.

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