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3 Steps to Get Your Furnace Ready for Fall October 18, 2019

Fennimore, Grant
3 Steps to Get Your Furnace Ready for Fall, Fennimore, Wisconsin

Your residential heating equipment needs regular maintenance at least once a year to keep it running smoothly and head off any breakdowns. The optimal time for this is in the fall before you start to use it heavily over the winter. Call a local heating contractor to take care of the following maintenance steps.

Furnace Repairs & Maintenance for Fall

1. Cleaning

To ensure they burn clean and don't produce unwanted smells and emissions, the furnace burners need cleaning to get rid of soot and dust. Your heating contractor should also clean the blower fan chamber and combustion chamber to keep the air clear as it circulates through the system. During the process, they should look over the furnace parts for any signs of damage or wear.

Heating Contractor2. Tuneup

During a tuneup, your heating contractor should test the different components of your furnace and adjust any that need it. This includes calibrating the thermostat so that you have precise, accurate control over the furnace's functions. They should also check the safety and limit switches so that if there's something wrong with the furnace, it goes out safely instead of creating a fire hazard.

3. Vent & Filter Check

The furnace unit itself isn't the only component that needs cleaning and maintenance; the ductwork connected to it should also get a once-over. Cleaning or replacing the air filter now helps air flow more freely so that the furnace fan doesn't use as much electricity. Meanwhile, cleaning out the vents, ducts, and registers in each room helps improve the air quality and ensures nothing blocks the flow.


If you need a heating contractor in Fennimore, WI, choose H & N Plumbing, Heating & Electrical. Serving Grant County for over 60 years, their certified experts provide 24/7 service for emergencies. For a free estimate, call (888) 822-3258, or read more about annual maintenance services on their website.

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