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How to Save Money When Building a Custom Home October 2, 2019

Waipahu, Ewa
How to Save Money When Building a Custom Home, Ewa, Hawaii

Building a custom home grants you ultimate creative freedom, and it’s also an opportunity to save money. From the initial house design to the final construction project, you can significantly cut costs by making small adjustments to your plans. Here are a few tips to ensure your custom home is a sound and reasonable investment.

3 Tips for Saving Money on House Design & Construction

1. Use Tax Credits & Rebates

Most homeowners know the benefits of opting for energy-efficient features. From insulation and windows to thermostats and solar panels, there are plenty of ways to shrink your carbon footprint while saving money. However, did you know these improvements could also earn you tax credits and rebates? In some cases, federal and state governments reward residents for their eco-friendly choices.

2. Opt for an Open Floor Plan

house designWhen building a home from the ground up, you’ll have full control over the size and layout of your new living space. If you’re trying to save money, use this power to opt for a smaller home with an open floor plan. When the living room, dining area, and kitchen flow into each other, your small home will seem airy, modern, and bright. You’ll also spend less on materials and labor.

3. Buy Materials in Advance

Once you’ve planned the layout of your custom house design with a contractor, ask them to order all the materials you’ll need before they begin construction. You may get products at a reasonable or discounted rate if you order them in advance and select a longer shipping time.


If you’re excited to begin the house design process, turn to the skilled team at DSB Enterprises in Waipahu, HI. To ensure your satisfaction, these professionals will produce a detailed 3D model of the design so that you can get a feel of the finished product and make changes before beginning construction. Get design inspiration from their online gallery, or call (808) 722-5996 to schedule an appointment.

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