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How to Layer Your Clothes Stylishly November 6, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
How to Layer Your Clothes Stylishly, Jacksonville East, Florida

Colder weather doesn’t mean you have to pack away your T-shirts and summer apparel—you can still incorporate them into layering. When done right, nothing in your wardrobe is off-limits, regardless of the temperature. Here are three tips to keep you warm without sacrificing style or function.

3 Layering Tips

1. Coordinate Your Colors

Choose predominantly neutral colors for your layers with one piece, such as a T-shirt, that boasts a brighter color. Too many bright colors in an ensemble will compete for visual attention and clash.

Additionally, stick to a maximum of three layers, which offers the perfect balance of colors and textures. Any more and you risk conflicting colors on an overly thick outfit.

T-Shirt2. Love Each Layer

Since you’ll likely shed outerwear when you go indoors and put it back on before leaving, your inner layers should be able to stand on their own as well.  As you put on each top, ask yourself if it will still look good when you wear it alone. 

3. Keep Hem Length in Mind

Always tuck in your T-shirt or base layer. If your next layer is a button-down shirt, tuck that in too. Leave vests or sweaters out since tucking them in creates uncomfortable bulk that doesn’t look good. As a rule of thumb, your hems should get longer from the inner to outer layer to avoid awkward tails sticking out.


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