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Preparing for Elder Care on Outdoor Camping Trips October 2, 2019

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Preparing for Elder Care on Outdoor Camping Trips, Medina, Ohio

Fall is one of the best times to enjoy some outdoor trips with loved ones; however, seniors that need special care can make picking a campsite or preparing for the journey tricky. If your loved one requires special elder care, then use this guide for making some key decisions so everyone can enjoy the outdoors.

Types of Outdoor Trips

Traditional Tent Camping

If it’s been a long time since you’ve packed up the car and headed to the campgrounds, then it might seem a little stressful. But with a little preparation, tent camping can be hassle-free, even if you’re responsible for elder care.

First, do your research and ensure the campground is easily accessible and has accommodations for those that require wheelchairs or walkers. Look for flatter hiking trails and ones that are close to a body of water, so you don’t have to go far to cast reels. 

Secondly, pack some essential gear, such as an air mattress and first aid kits. You’ll also want to pack enough water and food for everyone, especially the elderly, to avoid dehydration, as fall temperatures are unpredictable. 

RV Camping

elder-care-medina-ohIf you have a propane tank, fill it up before you head out, and ensure the roof doesn’t have any leaks before your loved ones climb onboard. While renting an RV is always an option, buying your own is a wonderful way to ensure that it has all the amenities you need to make a camping and outdoor trip successful for everyone. 

The Benefits of Taking Seniors on Trips

Taking seniors on outdoor trips and including them in family activities can help them feel more involved. More active seniors tend to enjoy life more, and it can actually keep them engaged when they know they have a trip to look forward to. It can also help them feel more independent. 

Social interaction is important to elder care routines and can help them avoid loneliness and depression. Plus, you’ll create even more memories for yourself and the rest of the family by including your older loved ones in fun and exciting family trips. 


Compassionate caregiving is important when thinking about elder care services. If you’re loved one needs additional assistance at home, Visiting Angels in Medina County, OH, can help. Their in-home companions are available for four to 24 hours at a time and can complete daily tasks, such as cleaning and running errands. To find out if they are right for you, give them a call at (330) 723-0300 for more information. You can also visit them online for more resources. 

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