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Do's & Don'ts for Taking Care of Your Dentures October 28, 2019

Anderosa, Colorado Springs
Do's & Don'ts for Taking Care of Your Dentures, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Dentures can help boost your confidence and make everyday activities, such as eating, easier. That said, keeping them in optimal shape requires diligent daily care. To help ensure your dentures last for years to come, here is some helpful advice.


Give your mouth a rest.

While wearing dentures can help you throughout the day, giving your mouth a rest regularly is just as important. Typically, you want to aim to have your dentures out for at least six hours a day. This will give your gum tissue time to recover, reducing the potential for sore spots within the mouth.

Soak your dentures daily.

Dentures need to stay hydrated so that they won’t dry out and lose their shape. While you’re giving your gums a rest, simultaneously soak your dentures in water or a denture solution. Consult with your doctor about which solution is best for you.  


Underestimate daily care.

Daily denture care can mean the difference between a healthy mouth and further oral health problems. First off, keep track of where your dentures are at all times. In addition to soaking and sanitizing them, handle them with care. They’re fragile and prone to breaking. Brush any remaining teeth and your gums twice daily to prevent bacteria from causing more decay.

Try to fix problems on your own.

denturesIf you experience any problems with your dentures, such as poor bonding, you may be tempted to correct them on your own. Avoid doing this, as you can create further damage if you’re not careful. For your own safety, contact your dentist and have them adjust the device for you. They have the proper tools and expertise to get the job done safely and efficiently.

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