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4 Ways Mitsubishi Electric® Comfort Systems Will Keep Your Home Warm This Winter September 30, 2019

Ridgefield, Bergen County
4 Ways Mitsubishi Electric® Comfort Systems Will Keep Your Home Warm This Winter, Ridgefield, New Jersey

Winter is just around the corner, and before temperatures start dropping, take the time to look at your heating equipment and make sure it's still up to par. If it’s over 15 years old, it may be time to replace it. There are many reasons to switch to a Mitsubishi Electric® HVAC system ahead of the cold weather. Here's how it will get the job done with ease and efficiency.

How a Mitsubishi Electric® System Keeps Your Home Comfy

1. Zone Control

Unlike the traditional centralized HVAC, a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system delivers heating where it's needed. Only occupied and frequently used living spaces receive warm air, which translates to lower energy consumption and costs.

Moreover, it lets you divide your home into zones and gives you more control over each with a programmable thermostat. This allows you to customize the temperature according to your preferences—no more overly warm or cold rooms.

2. H2i® Technology

Short for Hyper-Heating Inverter, Mitsubishi Electric's H2i technology ensures maximum comfort indoors even if it's freezing cold outside. It runs on an inverter-type compressor, which consumes less energy but delivers the same amount of heat as other HVAC systems. Crank up the heat without hurting your pockets.

Mitsubishi Electric3. Instant Hot-Start

Your ductless equipment comes with the hot-start feature. It works to minimize cold drafts by having the indoor fan blow out the air during startup. Once the coils are warm enough, it releases heated air into the room. This means that even when you first start it after a prolonged period of disuse, you’ll never feel cold air.

4. 3D I-See Sensor™

A trademarked technology, the 3D I-See Sensor is another unique feature. The built-in sensor scans the zone for cold spots, then modifies the temperature and airflow to maintain the setting on your thermostat. This keeps your room warm and comfy with no extra work on your end.


Keep your home pleasantly warm this winter with a newly installed Mitsubishi Electric® HVAC system. Let the professionals at Advanced Mechanical Services set up one for you today. As a certified Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor™ in Ridgefield, NJ, they are honoring an incredible deal that will give you up to $500 in instant rebates on your new ductless heating system. Here's why you should trust them to do the work: 

"Advanced Mechanical Services installed four split-duct air conditioning units in my home in May 2019. They were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. They completed the installation in a timely manner, and their work was top-notch. I will definitely be using them for any future HVAC projects. Thanks, AMS!"

- willtm1212, Google

Visit their website to learn more about their heating services or call (201) 886-2900 to redeem this exclusive offer before it expires on November 15, 2019.

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