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The 3 Best Bars for Live Music in New Haven October 10, 2019

Hill, New Haven
The 3 Best Bars for Live Music in New Haven, New Haven, Connecticut

Live music brings people together and gives you a chance to discover your new favorite band. While Austin and New York City might be famous for their music, New Haven offers some bars of its own that let you enjoy live bands in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. If you’re in the mood for live music, check out some of the bars below. Just remember to drink responsibly, or your night might end with an arrest and waiting to post bail.

3 Live Music Bars in New Haven

1. Toad’s Place

bailFor decades, Toad’s Place has been a centerpiece of the New Haven music scene, hosting both internationally recognized acts and local artists alike. Their offerings include bands for every taste, so whether you like hip-hop, metal, or just want a great party, Toad’s Place will have something for you.

2. Firehouse 12

A combination bar, recording studio, and event venue, Firehouse 12 is a unique place to relax, meet with friends, or take in a show. They specialize in classical and experimental jazz, with a specially curated series throughout the spring and fall.

3. Cafe Nine

Another established pillar of the local music community, Cafe Nine is one of the most beloved venues in New Haven County. Nationally recognized acts in a variety of genres have graced their stage, along with smaller, independent artists from across the country.


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