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How to Choose a Sheen for Your Painting Project October 7, 2019

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How to Choose a Sheen for Your Painting Project, Deep River, Connecticut

Before starting a painting project, you might spend hours poring over color samples and design options before making a choice. After settling on a color, you’ll also have to choose a paint finish, which might seem like a minor detail at first glance. However, the sheen you choose impacts the appearance, durability, and almost every aspect of your project.

Your Options When Choosing a Paint Sheen

High Gloss

High-sheen or glossy paints create the most durable surfaces and are generally resistant to stains and moisture. Thanks to these qualities, high-glass coverings are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and high-traffic areas like hallways. However, they do tend to draw more attention to the surface and accentuate even the slightest flaws.

Eggshell Finishes

paintingEggshell sheens, also known as semigloss finishes, are not quite as shiny as high-gloss options. Surfaces painted with eggshell finishes are easier to clean than matte sheens and are less reflective than high-sheen paint. This helps conceal minor faults on the wall, effectively smoothing out rough surfaces. Eggshell paint is often used for living rooms, bedrooms, and other areas that can benefit from a warm, deeper color treatment.

Matte Paint

Matte sheens are completely non-reflective, which makes them perfect for rough or uneven walls. Their flat appearance also allows for interesting design choices, especially if you use a glossy paint on trim, furniture, and accessories. However, matte paint surfaces are more porous, which makes them susceptible to stains and moisture penetration. These qualities make them a popular choice for ceilings and any other surfaces you want to draw attention away from.


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