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5 Creative Decorating Ideas for a Nautical Wedding October 9, 2019

West Berkeley, Berkeley
5 Creative Decorating Ideas for a Nautical Wedding, Berkeley, California

Hosting your wedding on a yacht guarantees beautiful views, an intimate atmosphere, and a unique experience that you and your guests will never forget. If you’re planning to utilize a nautical theme, here are some fun and imaginative ways to carry out your vision.

How to Make Your Nautical Themed Wedding Stand Out

1. Nautical Invitations

Clue your guests in on the theme by sending out sea-worthy invitations. Along with the necessary information about time, date, names, and location, add a decorative finish that will remind invitees of the ocean—think nautical motifs like anchors, compasses, seashells, sea stars, and sailor’s knots.

2. Lanterns & String Lights

Illuminate the ceremony and reception with low, cozy mood lighting. Once the sun begins to set, twinkling string lights hung around the yacht will cast beautiful reflections on the water. Place antique lanterns on each table to provide ample lighting and create a vintage focal point for each group of guests.

3. Blue & White Stripesyacht

Representative of clear blue oceans and smooth white sands, blue and white are classic nautical colors that suit yacht weddings perfectly. Integrate blue and white stripes into designs throughout your wedding, from tablecloths and napkins to signage and desserts. Consider choosing shades of blue for bridesmaid dresses and groomsmen suits to complement the theme.

4. Seafood Appetizers

No nautical wedding would be complete without seafood options. Provide your guests with a selection of appetizers like shrimp, oysters, and crab cakes complete with tasty dipping sauces. Offer these in addition to meat and vegetarian options for those with dietary restrictions or preferences for less fishy foods.

5. Beach Decor

With the right decorations, your guests will truly feel like they’re on a seafaring adventure. Hang up fishing nets, fill jars with sand and sea glass, and decorate tables with driftwood, sea stars, and an assortment of shells. These simple touches give your wedding a rustic, nautical atmosphere.


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