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Top 3 Reasons Roof Leaks Happen October 14, 2019

Perinton, Monroe
Top 3 Reasons Roof Leaks Happen, Perinton, New York

As soon as you notice a roof leak, call a roofing contractor for help. Otherwise, moisture will continue to spread, weakening the structural integrity of the installation. Rainwater can result in property damage in your attic and mold growth. If you spot a leak during a storm, you may wonder how it happened. Here are a few factors that may have caused yours.

3 Possible Culprits Behind Your Roof Leak 

1. Damaged Flashing 

Flashing is installed between the roof joints to keep water out. Made of metal, composite materials, or plastic, these seals can experience wear and tear with age or exposure to the elements.

If the flashing is cracked or bent, water can seep through the openings and access the roof seams. The tar holding the flashing in place can also corrode, leaving areas vulnerable to water infiltration.  

2. Crumbling or Missing Shingles

roof leakDamaged and missing roofing shingles don’t only diminish the aesthetic appeal of a property, but also make it easier for water to leak inside.

Often, the weather is to blame for lifted shingles, as strong winds can rip them from the fasteners holding them in place. Branches and other debris that fall on the structure during storms can also leave punctures that allow water to flow through. 

3. Clogged Gutters

Gutters are essential components of your roof’s drainage system. When the fixtures are caked with mud, damp leaves, twigs, and additional debris, there’s no room for water to flow into downspouts for safe drainage. The liquid will collect over the area, pooling on the roof and breaking down the materials, which may result in leaks over time.


To pinpoint the cause of your roof leak, contact the licensed and fully insured roofers at Cameron Roofing in Monroe County, NY. They will replace missing shingles, fix flashing problems, and provide additional work to increase the water-resistance of your roof. Committed to making services affordable for all customers, these contractors offer specials online. You can also get a free service estimate by calling (585) 851-6169.

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