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What Should You Look for in a Bookcase? October 2, 2019

Gloversville, Fulton
What Should You Look for in a Bookcase?, Gloversville, New York

Since a bookcase serves such a straightforward purpose, many people don’t put too much thought into buying this piece of furniture. However, there are styles available to suit all kinds of unique preferences and space needs. To make sure you’re selecting the right item for your lifestyle and home, consider these factors.

A Beginner’s Guide to Buying the Right Bookcase


Start by thinking about the design of your ideal bookshelf. While some people prefer a straightforward, rectangular unit with adjustable shelves and a closed back, others may prefer a unique option.

A ladder-style bookshelf leans against the wall, and a scaffold-style bookshelf features shelving that hangs between two supports. You might also consider a corner bookshelf if you need a piece that'll squeeze into a tight space, or an étagère with an open back and glass shelves for an elegant look. Cube bookcases are also popular for displaying accents, such as vases, along with books.


furnitureBookcases can range from three to eight feet in height, and they can be the size of an entire wall or narrow enough to fit between two chairs. The dimensions you choose should be relative to the number of items you need to store, and also relative to the size of your space. For example, you'll need to consider depth in addition to height and width. While standard bookshelves generally have shelves that are a foot deep, that depth may block a window or prevent proper traffic flow in your room. Also, think about shelf height: If the shelves aren't adjustable, make sure they'll accommodate your tallest items.

Additional Features

In addition to size and style, you'll want to choose a bookshelf that blends into your space. While wooden furniture works well with classic and rustic designs, metal and glass bookcases will better complement minimalist and modern interiors.

Also, be sure to consider any other features that may serve your needs. For example, you may want cubbies with doors or drawers for storage, or wheels to make it easier to move a fully-stocked bookcase.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect bookcase for your home, or any other piece of furniture, turn to Livingston’s Furniture in Gloversville, NY. This trusted store has been providing quality home furnishings to residents of Fulton County since 1901, and they have an extensive inventory of top brands online at competitive prices. Explore their vast lineup of bookcases on their website, or call (518) 725-8317 to discuss your design needs.

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