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What You Need to Know About Sandboxing October 24, 2019

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What You Need to Know About Sandboxing, Concord, Ohio

Sandboxing is a type of network security that minimizes threats to data and prevents system failures. It works by isolating potentially destructive files into a secure virtual environment. To better understand this complex subject, here’s what you should know about sandboxing and the benefits it provides.

What Is Sandboxing?

Traditional network security programs are designed to detect and warn against known instances of malware. However, with new security threats emerging with stunning regularity, traditional applications are not equipped to meet these newer and more sophisticated threats. This is where sandboxing comes in. Sandboxing automatically detects suspicious code and essentially detonates it in a safe and protected environment, where the program can observe the behavior of the code and determine if it is safe for use on your system. If malware has a delayed detonation code, sandboxing will alter the internal clock to activate the suspicious behavior and gauge the level of the threat it poses.

What Are the Benefits?

network securitySandboxing ultimately safeguards the integrity of your system and your network security. It shields you from malware that can open your system up to data loss and security breaches, such as the theft of sensitive information, whether it’s private documents or credit card information. It’s available in a few different formats, including cloud-based platforms, which don't sacrifice your system's network performance. Sandboxing has broad integration capabilities, serving as added network security for your software, web browsers, email gateways, and firewalls.


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