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3 Conditions That Jaw Surgery Treats October 11, 2019

3 Conditions That Jaw Surgery Treats, Homer, Alaska

Jaw surgery addresses a wide range of oral and facial issues. It can not only improve bite alignment to make speaking and eating much easier but also reduce pain and discomfort associated with the following conditions.

What Medical Issues Can Jaw Surgery Treat?

1. Temporomandibular Disorders

Temporomandibular disorders cause chewing and speaking problems and often result in jaw pain and stiffness. When symptoms are mild, more conservative treatments are often recommended.

However, when conservative treatments fail or a person experiences significant pain or discomfort, surgery may be recommended. Surgical procedures include arthroscopy, which removes damaged tissue from within the joint to improve movement. Arthrocentesis is another option that entails inserting a small needle to irrigate the joint. 

2. Sleep Apnea

Jaw SurgerySleep apnea causes you to stop breathing several times throughout the night, which is often the result of airway closure. Many people first try a special machine that forces air into the lungs and prevents breathing cessation.

However, surgery can be used when other treatments fail. Jaw advancement surgery can open up the airway to facilitate breathing.

3. Cleft Lip & Palate

Cleft lips and palates are facial deformities that occur at birth. For some people, clefts can be accompanied by a shorter upper jaw, which results in an underbite.

Jaw surgery corrects malformations to improve a person’s appearance and make eating easier. Along with surgery on the upper jaw, the lower jaw may also be pushed backward to align the bite. 


If you’re looking into jaw surgery in Anchorage, the team at Oral Surgery Associates of Alaska will be happy to address your questions to ensure you feel safe and comfortable during your procedure. All surgeries are performed in a relaxed and comforting environment, and they use the latest diagnostic tools like the I-CAT 3-Dimensional Imaging CT Scan to check areas of concern. Visit the website for more information jaw surgery and the types of conditions it addresses. You can also call (907) 561-1430 to schedule an appointment. 

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