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4 Design Themes for Pinewood Derby Cars October 4, 2019

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4 Design Themes for Pinewood Derby Cars, Jacksonville, Arkansas

Pinewood derby cars, generally made from pine with plastic wheels and metal axles, are frequently raced in derbies hosted by the Cub Scouts. If you’re helping a child build a pinewood car for a derby, you may be mulling over design themes. Here are some ideas to get you started.

A Guide to Designs for Pinewood Derby Cars

1. Spider-Man

If Spider-Man is your child’s favorite superhero, you can help them design a car that Peter Parker would love. Start out by painting the car yellow, and then write “Spider-Man” on its side with a black paint pen. Help them draw a web on the nose of the car, and place a favorite sticker of Spider-Man over the web.

2. Army Tank

pinewood derby carsWith an army tank–themed pinewood derby car, your child will be sure to crush the competition. Begin by painting the car a shade of olive green. When dry, cover it with Camouflage Body Skin® and military stickers.

3. Fire Engine

Pinewood derby cars designed as fire engines will hose the competition. Paint the car a bright shade of red and use 3D graphics for the ladder, elevating cylinders, hoses, and storage compartments. 

4. Police Car

Helping your child design their derby entrant as a police car will make the competition pull over. Paint the car to match those that the officers in your town drive, whether light blue, black and white, or white with navy accents. Help them write “Police” on the side of the car in red, and use 3D graphics for the flashing lights.


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