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3 Tips to Build Your Child's Reading Confidence October 18, 2019

West Village, Manhattan
3 Tips to Build Your Child's Reading Confidence, Manhattan, New York

Reading is one of the most central parts of your child's education, so it's important to give them a solid foundation. Not only does your child need to develop the skills to read well, but they also need the confidence to do it on their own. To boost your young child’s reading confidence, follow these tips.

How to Help Your Child with Reading Classes

1. Praise, Don't Push

The more pressure you put on your child, the more likely they are to get nervous or refuse to try. Instead of pushing them, praise them for whatever steps they can take. Whether it's identifying letters, getting part of a word right, or reading a sentence smoothly, congratulate them for the small victories. Not only will this motivate them to keep going, but it will also help them accept corrections when they need them, because it will show them that they can earn your approval when they improve and make an effort.

2. Consider the Audience

EducationA kid who can read well on their own may have difficulty reading in front of adults because they're worried about being judged. Make sure your child's education includes time to practice in private. You can also have them read to stuffed animals or pets to practice reading for an audience, then graduate to younger siblings or friends as they improve their reading abilities and grow more confident.

3. Manage Expectations

Your child will not be able to read perfectly right away, and that's normal. Everyone makes comes across unfamiliar words while reading, including adults. When you get stuck or need to sound out a word or name, show your child what you're doing. Reassure them that it's okay to struggle with reading, and that the important thing is to keep trying and learning.



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