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Know Before You Go: Maui's Hana Highway October 11, 2019

Wailuku Ahupua`a, Kahului
 Know Before You Go: Maui's Hana Highway , Kahului, Hawaii

Hana Highway has become a staple attraction in Maui. From the winding curves to the breathtaking waterfalls, the highway provides fantastic views for both Jeep tours or everyday commuting. Here is a helpful guide to navigate and get the most out of this historic landmark. 

What Is the Hana Highway?

Hana Highway refers to the 64.4-mile-long winding stretch of state Routes 36 and 360. This path connects Kahului in east Maui with Hana.

This route was created in the 1870s using an unpaved road system. It was built to help with the creation of the Hämäkua Ditch, which supported the sugar cane industry. The road was developed in stages throughout the early 1900s.

The highway was completed on December 18, 1926, though the bridges continued to be constructed through the 1930s and was fully paved in the 1960s. One bridge was replaced with a steel bridge bailey by the Army Corps of Engineers due to serious erosion, but all the rest are still in place today.

How Long Does It Take to Travel? 

jeep toursWhile the distance from Kahului to Hana is only about 60 miles, it can take about three hours to drive across it without stops. This is due to the curvy and winding roads, as well as the one-lane bridges.

There are many sites throughout the less-than traveled southern drive, like the Wailua Falls and the grave of Charles Lindbergh, an American aviator, which can make the route a day-long experience. 

What Areas Are Off-Limits?

Many Maui locals live and work along the Hana Highway, and it is important to share what is essentially their backyard in a respectful way. This includes avoiding areas marked as private property. The well-known bamboo forest along the road to Hana is privately owned by the East Maui Irrigation Co. and exploring this forest is considered trespassing. There are plenty of great sights to see on the Hana Highway in areas that welcome visitors, like state parks or other public places.

Why Should You Use a Jeep Tour to Explore It?

Jeep tours have become increasingly popular because of the visual pleasure of the scenic Maui experience. While the tour guide drives, tourists are able to sit back and relax as they view spectacular waterfalls, tropical rainforests, and ocean views. These guides can also provide an inside look at life on the island and give you unique facts about the area and its geology.  


If you’re considering a Jeep tour of Hana Highway, contact Hoaloha Jeep Adventures in Wailuku, HI. Their knowledgeable tour guides will customize the experience to create a fun-filled adventure for you and your family, offering several packages for every budget and time frame. Call (808) 493-4060 to set up a tour today or visit the website to learn more about the tours and packages.

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