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3 Ways Weather Can Affect Your Roof October 23, 2019

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3 Ways Weather Can Affect Your Roof, Lexington, South Carolina

Your roof was built to withstand all weather conditions and protect your house from the elements. However, every season has the potential to influence and damage your roof in some way. It’s still important to be aware of how different kinds of weather can affect it in case you ever need roof repair. Below, learn the ways in which the weather can impact your roof. 

How Does the Weather Alter Your Roof? 

1. Leaks From Rain

Rainfall occurs in every season, so you must keep yourself aware of any cracks or gaps in the roof. Although rain may not be the source of any cosmetic problems, it can worsen existing issues if the water leaks through them. Internal house leaks can cause rot and mold to spread. Inspect your roof regularly, preferably from a safe vantage point on the ground. Check that there are no missing shingles, cracks, or issues with the gutter. Have a roofing contractor immediately fix any problems you find. 

2. Strong Winds or Hail 

roofHarsh winds or hail storms may push shingles out of place or even remove them entirely. Even if the wind doesn’t harm the roof directly, it can blow dead or weakened trees or branches, which may fall on top of the roof or even crash through it. Large hailstones are capable of cracking or breaking the shingles as well. Anytime you have a storm, examine your roof afterward to see if it needs to be repaired. Keep the trees above your home trimmed to reduce the likelihood of damage. 

3. Changes in Heat 

Many types of shingles are prone to swelling and shrinking in extreme heat. This may also cause them to become weak, brittle, and easily breakable when the next storm comes. You can avoid these problems by ensuring that your roof is properly ventilated so that the heat doesn’t get trapped in it. If you’re unsure whether your roof will hold up well in the heat, a remodeling contractor can help you install a new material better suited for your environment.     


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