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3 Reasons Seniors Should Move Closer to Family October 8, 2019

Northwest Travis, Travis County
3 Reasons Seniors Should Move Closer to Family, Northwest Travis, Texas

With thousands of miles stretching from coast to coast, it’s common for American families to live at all different points of the county. But when relatives get older, you might wonder if it’s better to close those gaps. If you’re curious about bringing an aging parent or grandparent closer to home, here are a few different ways that the move can benefit your family and improve various aspects of senior living.  

Why Should You Encourage Your Elderly Relatives to Move Nearer?

1. More Opportunity for Quality Time

By moving closer, you’ll both have a greater opportunity to take part in each other’s everyday lives and celebrations. This continued presence is especially beneficial for younger children, as they won’t miss out on building memories with their elders.

Having a constant source of socialization can also help seniors avoid becoming isolated—a common problem that occurs when older adults lose spouses and develop disabilities that impact mobility. Isolation is a major concern among the elderly, as it can contribute to dementia and depression.

2. Local Support System

Getting older often means experiencing a wide range of unique health issues—including those that can make it difficult to get around. While many seniors can maintain some degree of independence, they will often fare better with their families around to provide support.

senior livingIn addition to acting as caregivers, nearby relatives can help seniors get to doctor’s appointments, as well as help explore care options. For example, if you have an aging grandparent or parent that requires ongoing assistance, you can help them find a dependable retirement community that offers 24/7 nursing support.

3. Ability to Downsize

Over the years, people tend to amass an assortment of belongings. While some of these items may be valuable, most are not necessary and might even make life more difficult.

When you move seniors closer to your family, you’ll have the opportunity to help your loved one downsize their home in a way that’s comfortable. Many aging adults will also appreciate the ability to go through their estate before chronic health problems make the process more difficult.

By downsizing, it will also be less stressful for your loved one to transition into a senior living center if it ever becomes necessary.


If you’re interested in helping an aging loved one live closer to your family, don’t let housing get in the way of the move. Instead, turn to Longhorn Village for expansive senior living solutions in Austin, TX. Located on the picturesque Steiner Ranch, this five-star retirement community is just a short drive away for families in the Travis County area. Offering a complete health care center, rehabilitation facilities, and round-the-clock skilled nursing, this residence will also provide you with peace of mind when you’re not around. Visit this retirement home online or call (512) 266-5600 to learn more about their senior housing solutions.

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