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A Guide to Vinyl Composition Tile Flooring November 11, 2019

New York, Bronx
A Guide to Vinyl Composition Tile Flooring, New York, New York

Business owners have a variety of different flooring options available to them. Among the most common is vinyl composition tile, or VCT. This material provides several benefits for commercial facilities in particular. To help you decide whether it’s right for your company, here is all you need to know about this option. 

An Introduction to VCT

Vinyl composition tile is made with a variety of different components to create an attractive but durable flooring solution. The basic ingredients include natural limestone, thermoplastic binders, pigments, and fillers.

These vinyl floors are constructed through a simple, yet highly dynamic process that involves binding together chips into single sheets. The final product is then broken down into tiles. Since the material is porous, it’s topped with a layer of polish to prevent issues like moisture intrusion and stains.

Each element in VCT contributes to a characteristic of it. The limestone lends it aesthetic beauty, while the binder creates stability. Pigments give it the color that you desire, while inorganic fillers boost its strength to promote longevity.

Why VCT Benefits Businesses

Bronx, NY flooringThis flooring is commonly found in commercial and industrial settings largely because it’s so reliable and durable. For example, it stands up well to heavy foot traffic. It’s a highly resilient material that won’t sustain wear and tear even with daily use. This makes it great for hallways and lobbies.

To the benefit of business owners who don’t want to experience too much downtime, VCT flooring is fairly simple and quick to install. It’s also easy to refinish as needed.

Another key advantage is its ability to absorb sound. In medical and educational facilities where people walk around constantly, this is particularly important. It’s also helpful for offices, where noises can be distracting. You may further enhance these soundproofing functions by using carpeting and window treatments throughout your establishment. 

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