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What to Do if You Smell a Gas Leak October 11, 2019

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What to Do if You Smell a Gas Leak, Perry, Ohio

Due to the health and safety risks that they present, you should never ignore natural gas leaks. Fortunately, odors are added to the fuel to make leaks easily detectable. This issue typically arises from your heating system but can come from any appliance connected to the gas line. Specifically, you can detect the problem if you smell something similar to rotten eggs. You might also feel suddenly dizzy, lightheaded, or fatigued. If you catch these warning signs, you must act quickly to protect your family and home. To help you stay prepared, here are five steps to take if you encounter a gas leak.

5 Steps to Take If You Smell a Gas Leak

1. Shut Off the Gas

Rather than trying to locate the source of the exposure, you should shut off your natural gas supply altogether. Find the gas valve and turn it off entirely so that more flammable fuel does not enter the property. The main shut-off valve is typically outside of the home near the gas meter.

2. Evacuate Others

Anyone in the house, including pets, should evacuate the home. For optimal safety, retreat as far from the property as possible. Do not let anyone operate a vehicle to get away from the property, as starting the ignition could spark an explosion. No one should return to the property until a professional can fully repair the gas line.

3. Eliminate Heat Sources

heatingSince gas is highly flammable, you must turn off anything that can spark a fire or explosion. Specifically, turn off all heating appliances and water heaters, ovens, and fireplaces. Do not light any matches or cigarettes. You should also avoid turning on lights, plugging in electric cords, or using a cellphone indoors.

4. Ventilate the Area

Open doors and windows so that air can flow through the building. This fresh air can help reduce the concentration of flammable gas. However, if you are already feeling dizzy, skip this step and immediately evacuate the building. You can open the windows after a technician fixes the leak and ensures the area is safe.

5. Call the Professionals

Next, get yourself out and away from your home. Call your gas provider to inform them of the leak. They will likely send a crew to inspect the problem, as well as make repairs if the leak originated from a municipal line. If the leak occurred inside the home, you should also call a plumbing and heating specialist for gas line repairs.


If you have a gas leak in Perry, OH, E. Dake Ltd., The Plumbing & Heating Doctors will provide the service you need to restore your natural gas line and protect your home. Understanding the importance of immediate support, these technicians offer 24/7 service to resolve heating and plumbing emergencies. This contractor can also provide gas line inspections to detect and repair problems early on and prevent future leaks. Visit this Lake County plumber online to learn more about these services or call for responsive care.

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