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5 Effective Ways to Build Bone Strength October 17, 2019

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5 Effective Ways to Build Bone Strength, O'Fallon, Missouri

Bone strength is crucial at every age. People can build up their bone banks until roughly 25 years of age, after which people lose bone quicker than they can rebuild it. Luckily, you can make up lost bone afterward—it just takes a little effort. The following methods are among the most effective ways to strengthen your bones at any age.

5 Strategies Anyone Can Use to Build Bone Strength

1. Get Plenty of Calcium

Calcium is a mineral that helps to protect bones. The recommended dietary allowances (RDAs) for calcium vary by age and sex, as women over the age of 50 need 1,200 mg, compared to women aged 19 to 50 who only require 1,000 mg. While dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk are well-known calcium sources, you can also find the nutrient in almonds, kale, beans, and chia seeds.

2. Consume Enough Vitamin D

Vitamin D goes hand in hand with calcium, as the vitamin helps the body absorb calcium. The body can only make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight or certain foods, including fatty fish. Supplements are also an option, but 15 minutes of sun exposure is often enough to reach optimal levels.

3. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Being underweight is associated bone strengthwith osteoporosis, especially in elderly individuals. Since carrying excess weight further excess stress on the bones, you should get to and maintain a healthy weight for your physique. Exercising regularly and eating a diet consisting mostly of lean protein, vegetables, fruit, and whole grains will help you stay on track.

4. Limit Alcohol

Even moderate alcohol consumption has a link to substantial increases in hip fracture risk in individuals under the age of 65. Many experts believe that alcohol could impede the body’s ability to absorb critical nutrients, including those necessary to produce bone. When possible, skip the alcohol and stick to bone-healthy beverages, like milk or water.

5. Participate in Strength Training

Strength and weight-bearing exercises are particularly significant for maintaining musculoskeletal health. Weight-bearing activities work by exerting a mechanical load on the bones, which ultimately leads to increased bone health. While this activity will benefit people of any age, it is especially useful for adults in their middle ages or older.


If you’re looking for ways to increase your bone strength, turn to OsteoStrong in St. Charles County, MO. With their powerful impact training program, they help individuals strengthen their bones and maximize their physical performance using leading equipment and scientifically-backed technology. They welcome people of all fitness levels, including individuals with osteoporosis or diabetes. Learn more about their services online or call (636) 238-8696 to speak with a team member.

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