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4 Health Benefits of Practicing Ballet October 3, 2019

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4 Health Benefits of Practicing Ballet, Newark, Ohio

Ballet is more than a beautiful art form. It also has positive effects on your physical and mental well-being. You don’t have to be a professional to enjoy the benefits of dance. Here’s what you should know about the health benefits of practicing ballet.

Why Ballet Is Beneficial for Your Health

1. Burns Calories

Ballet involves movement and strength. When you expend energy, you burn calories. On average, dancers burn 200 to 250 calories for every hour of practice. Burning calories helps dancers maintain a healthy weight and improves their cardiovascular health.

2. Improves Flexibility

balletYour flexibility will improve when you practice ballet because the movements, positions, and postures require turning, twisting, and stretching. In addition, being flexible enhances strength and balance, making you less susceptible to injuries.

3. Increases Confidence

Practicing ballet does wonders for your self-esteem. The dance moves aren’t easy to learn, and you may struggle to achieve proper form and fluidity in the beginning. However, if you continue to attend classes and practice your skills, your discipline will pay off. You will get better and feel proud of all you’ve accomplished. 

4. Builds Muscle

Ballet increases your muscle mass without using weights. Because dance involves a lot of squats, jumps, and spins, you’ll build muscle in your legs. Increased muscle mass revs up your metabolism, improves bone density, and enhance your appearance.


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