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3 Tips for Helping Your Aging Parent With Their Medications November 12, 2019

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3 Tips for Helping Your Aging Parent With Their Medications, Greece, New York

Medication plays an important role in senior health, which is why establishing a routine is essential. It’s not always easy for seniors to remember, which is why you may need to help your aging loved one. Using the right medication management tips will ensure they receive the assistance they need to manage new and pre-existing conditions. Here’s what you need to know.

A Guide to Medication Management 

1. Use Alarms

Phone reminders are necessary to ensure that your loved one remembers to take their medications, as chronic memory loss and prescription changes can be confusing. If they carry a cell phone, program daily alerts to repeat. Schedule several if they need to take their medications at different times. Also, add separate alarms for refill dates.

2. Pre-Sort Medications

medication-management-grandeville-senior-living-centerIt’s easy to forget if you’ve taken a pill. To avoid over- or under-dosing, purchase a pill sorter. Pre-sort all of your aging parent’s medications for each day in a convenient carrying case. This way, they’ll know they’ve taken the right medications. Plus, they can carry the case with them when they’re out. If your elderly loved one doesn’t have a smartphone, buy a pill organizer that has an alarm. 

3. Have Instructions Handy

Some medications need to be taken at different times or with food or water to avoid side effects. Simplify these instructions on an easy-to-read sheet and place them on the fridge or kitchen table. If anything is unclear, contact their physician or pharmacist.


If your loved one needs assistance with medication management and other day-to-day tasks, contact GrandeVille Senior Living Center. They are an assisted living community in Rochester, NY. This enhanced facility offers a variety of services in a home-like setting and provides all the health assistance and amenities your senior loved one will need. Call (585) 621-6160 to schedule a tour, and visit their website to explore their medication management services. Connect on Facebook for updates and health tips.

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