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3 Signs You Need A New Car October 3, 2019

San Marcos, San Marcos, TX
3 Signs You Need A New Car, San Marcos, Texas

If you’re like most people, your car is your most useful asset. It provides access to school, work, and all the happy moments with your family. However, a few signals will tell you that your car isn’t as reliable as it once was, and you should look for an upgrade. Save money by trading in your vehicle at a junkyard if you experience the signs below.

When You Should Sell Your Old Car To A Junkyard

1. Strange Noises or Smell

While cars regularly produce emissions, they shouldn’t smell irregular or make mysterious noises. This symptom indicates something is wrong with your vehicle, possibly impacting its efficiency. If you smell anything unpleasant, your engine may be damaged, resulting in costly repairs. Likewise, if you hear grinding or a loud rattle, you should have your car inspected by a professional as soon as possible. Depending on the extent of repairs, it may be cost-effective to take the car to a junkyard, rather than repair it.

2. Leaks

junkyardLeaks are not the worst-case scenario, but they are the beginning of a more significant issue. Depending on what component is leaking, this problem could be severe or a minor fix. Strong smelling, red liquid points to a transmission leak, and you should fix this immediately to ensure safety. Likewise with brake fluid, which appears clear when new, but darkens with time. You should not take these issues lightly, as they can lead to an accident if left alone.

3. Overheating

Being on the road for hours considerably heats your engine. Even cars in excellent condition may develop overheating problems. However, if your vehicle continues to overheat and cannot control the temperature gauge despite repairs, your cooling system is likely on its last stage of life. Instead of trying to repair and replace the entire cooling system continually, visit a junkyard to see if you will save money by selling your car and upgrading.


Located in San Marcos, TX, and serving the surrounding communities, Roadrunner Recycling will help you trade-in your vehicle for cash and search for other cars. This junkyard carries a vast selection of refurbished cars waiting for you to become the owner. Visit their website to learn more about their junk cars or call (512) 353-4511 to speak with a team member today.

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