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Lucky Enough to Receive a Flower Delivery? 3 Tips For Effective Plant Care September 23, 2015

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn
Lucky Enough to Receive a Flower Delivery? 3 Tips For Effective Plant Care, Brooklyn, New York

As the school year kicks off and the weather begins to cool, someone may be thinking of you fondly, and you may be fortunate to receive a beautiful blooming plant or roses from Flowerworks in Brooklyn. As the little ones are back to class, learning the basics of reading and writing, do you need a refresher on how to keep flowers and plants healthy and vibrant? 

Here are a few tips for basic plant care:

  • Adequate Sunlight: After you receive your plant, determine where in your home or business the plant can be placed to receive enough sunlight without being overwhelmed. For example, you may have a delightful pink anthurium plant delivered from Flowerworks. This particular blooming plant prefers bright light, so place it near a window that faces south if at all possible. If you receive one of Flowerworks’ spectacular rose bouquets, you should do the opposite and avoid direct sunlight and any heat source to avoid premature wilting.
  • Water: Overwatering is a common problem for new plant owners, but there is an easy way to tell when your plant is ready for a drink. First, press your finger into the soil near the edge of the container. If the first inch or so is dry, grab your watering can.
  • Fertilize: If you feed your plant, you will keep it fresh and flowering for a long time. For instance, orchids do well with regular, light fertilizing. If Flowerworks delivers an elegant Royal Fuchsia orchid, you should plan to administer a diluted solution of a balanced fertilizer that has little or no urea each time you water. This is preferable to pouring a full-strength dose of fertilizer just once a month.

When you need dazzling wedding flowers for your special day, or you want to choose the perfect sympathy flowers to let someone know they are in your thoughts during a difficult time, Flowerworks will provide you with the most striking flowers and plants to meet and exceed your expectations. View their wide selection of arrangements online, or call Flowerworks today at (718) 230-9393 for more information and to set up flower delivery.