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How an Orthopedic Doctor Helps Treat Arthritis March 2, 2020

Wayne, Passaic
How an Orthopedic Doctor Helps Treat Arthritis, Wayne, New Jersey

If you’ve been diagnosed with arthritis, orthopedic doctors will help you manage your symptoms. No matter the type of arthritis you’re dealing with, these specialists will offer you a range of options for reducing pain and preserving your joints. If you’re still on the fence about consulting this type of provider, here’s more information about how they will help.

What Do Orthopedic Doctors Do?

Due to their specialized training on the musculoskeletal system, they can treat any diseases or disorders that affect the joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones.  Orthopedic surgeons are trained to evaluate the entire musculoskeletal system.  Some orthopedic doctors may sometimes sub-specialize in one or two particular areas.

How Can Orthopedic Doctors Help With Arthritis?

Arthritis is defined primarily by joint inflammation, so this type of specialist will offer several treatment options. Mild to moderate cases of the disease may be alleviated with nonsurgical treatment. This often involves Anti-inflammatory medications (NSAIDs) like ibuprofen or naproxen. Physical therapy may be prescribed for strengthening, restoring motion or modalities like ultrasound, electrical stimulation or massage. Dietary and exercise plans aimed at encouraging weight loss may also be prescribed.

orthopedic doctorsThese doctors may also provide corticosteroid or hyaluronic acid injections to prevent or delay surgery by reducing pain.  Braces or shoe inserts designed to help you move more freely may be prescribed for you.

All of these treatments are designed to provide pain relief without surgery.  If arthritis pain severely limits your mobility and quality of life your orthopedic surgeon may recommend surgery to help restore mobility and relieve pain. 

If you’re in need of an orthopedic doctor to help you manage your arthritis symptoms, go to Advanced Orthopaedic Associates in Bergen, Passaic, Morris counties, NJ. For more than 25 years, they’ve used a reliable approach that includes immediately treating symptoms and then helping you form a long-term plan for preventing flareups. They offer a range of nonsurgical solutions for noninvasive pain relief. Learn more about your options on their website or call (973) 839-5700 to schedule an appointment. 

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