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5 Easy Cleaning Tips for Your New Boat October 7, 2019

Portland, Middlesex
5 Easy Cleaning Tips for Your New Boat, Portland, Connecticut

There’s nothing like spending an afternoon out on your new boat, but cleaning up when you get back isn’t nearly as exciting. As tedious as it might seem, keeping your vessel clean will prevent corrosion and keep your boat looking beautiful for years to come. Below are a few tips for cleaning and maintaining your boat.

How to Clean Your New Boat

1. Use the Right Cleaners

new boatAny cleaners used on your hull can get into the water, so always use eco-friendly soaps approved for marine use. Highly concentrated detergents can actually strip away the finish, leaving your boat exposed to saltwater, which can be highly corrosive.

2. Wax the Exterior

Before putting your boat into storage or taking it out on another trip, waxing the hull with an eco-friendly product will keep dirt and grime from working its way into the surface. Waxing the boat will also make it much easier to clean next time.

3. Treat the Windshield

Cleaning water spots off of your windshield can be aggravating, so take a moment to keep them from forming in the first place. Spraying the glass or plexiglass with a water repellent every time you clean will make the entire process easier.

4. Take Care of Your Upholstery

New boat upholstery is usually made of vinyl or other materials resistant to mold and mildew. However, it’s still vulnerable to corrosion and sun damage. Wipe down the seats with a damp cloth, then apply a vinyl protectant approved for use on boats.

5. Rinse the Deck

Letting lake mud and dirt dry on the deck creates hard-to-clean messes that could take hours of scrubbing. Rinsing off the deck as soon as possible keeps your deck looking its best and helps preserve the finish. This will prevent further wear and tear and keep your boat healthy and well-maintained.  


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