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What Is the Difference Between Shrimp & Crawfish? October 7, 2019

Harlem, Manhattan
What Is the Difference Between Shrimp & Crawfish?, Manhattan, New York

If you aren’t savvy to seafood, shrimp and crawfish can seem interchangeable. Although they share many characteristics, they’re ultimately unique. To ensure you enjoy the best of each, you’ll find everything you need to know in the guide below. 

A Guide to Shrimp & Crawfish


Shrimp is a general term for nearly 2,000 types of small crustaceans. They’re found in salt and fresh water, and are typically brown, pink, or white. They’re used in many unique dishes ranging from Asian cuisine to Caribbean food, and are an extremely versatile ingredient. You can enjoy them alone, mixed in spicy rice, or paired with pasta. They’re high in protein and low in calories, making them a healthy addition to your diet.

There are many ways to cook shrimp. Boiling is one of the most popular because it preserves their natural flavor and results in a soft, fleshy texture. You can fry or grill them in a marinade so they absorb spices, or bake them for a firmer texture. Shrimp can be dipped in countless sauces and topped with a variety of spices because of their neutral flavor.


shrimpCrawfish—or crayfish—are a freshwater crustacean. They only grow to 4-inches long; shrimp can grow up to 8 inches. They live on the muddy bottoms of lakes and rivers, and colors range from red and white to black and orange. They’re seasonal and best enjoyed between January and July.

Crawfish are extremely popular in Cajun food and are traditionally boiled to achieve the best texture and flavor. Enjoy them in rich sauces, jambalaya, or over Cajun rice.



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