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Brett Cohen, the founder of Integrated Training Systems, holds session at various fitness facilities throughout the city as well as in-home gyms, private homes, outdoors and office settings.

Fresh Legs Wanted!! May 27, 2014

Midtown East, Manhattan
Fresh Legs Wanted!!, Manhattan, New York

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Runners wanted for Summer Running Program


This 10 week program is ideal for beginner, returning or intermediate runners that want a structured program that will get them in shape and moving faster than ever before without getting injured. The group will meet twice per week and each run will be structured and planned.. (no surprises). Whether your goals is to run your first 5K or you are planning to run a fall half marathon this program will get you there faster than you could have ever imagined.

What Do You Get?

In this program you will:

  1. A scientifically designed and detailed program to help you achieve your running goals and dreams.
  2. Two coached runs per week including drills, stretching and strength training.
  3. You will learn the importance of a pre-run active stretching routine.
  4. Come to understand the importance of variety in your running (interval, tempo and long runs) based on your pace and running or racing goals.
  5. Learn to periodize your training to peak just at the right time.
  6. Learn recovery & regeneration techniques that help you recovery faster, perform better and run injury free.
  7. Learn the importance of proper hydration and nutrition to keep you body humming at peak performance.
  8. Learn the importance of a proper shoe fitting and where the best place is to get one..
  9. Invitation to my Ready to Run facebook page filled with training tips and motivation.
  10. Learn all the things you need to do to run injury free for life!
  11. Receive a detailed training program based on YOUR running goals.
  12. Make new friends.
  13. Change your running-Change Your Life.

Fee: $200 per person for 20 coached sessions.

Where: Various locations in Central Park

Days/Times/Dates: Classes meet on Tuesday night @ 7:30 pm and Saturday morning @ 8:00 a.m. Sessions are one hour long. and Begin Tuesday June 10th and end Tuesday September 9th.

Class Minimum: 10 runners

Class Maximum: 15 runners

Registration: go to www.integratedtrainingsystems.com and in the text box write: (Take My Running to the Next Level)

Who's Coaching?


Brett Cohen, Sports Performance Coach. Creator of Ready to Run, runner of over 300 road races without a single injury.

What Others Are Saying:

"Six months ago I was feeling stressed, out-of-shape, and, frankly, a little lonely. Exasperated, I decided I needed to do something to help myself feel better. I signed up for a 6-week beginner running class, despite having very minimal running experience in my 36 years of life. This type of class seemed to be exactly what I was looking for because it offered a coaching program designed for novice runners in a group setting. Determined to make it a positive experience, I was hopeful that this class (and running per se) would help me reduce stress, get fit/ healthy, meet new people, and make new friends. And, boy how fortunate I’ve been...!

Undoubtedly, neither of the above good fortunes would have been possible without the exceptional instruction, guidance, and support provided by our coach, Brett Cohen. While many folks may call themselves “coaches”, Brett is the real deal. Having now participated in the running program 3 times (!), I’ve seen the ways in which Brett routinely goes above and beyond in helping us achieve our running goals, and in fostering a positive group atmosphere." _Jodi G. New York

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