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3 Ways to Practice Proper Kickboxing Class Etiquette November 26, 2019

Scarsdale, Westchester
3 Ways to Practice Proper Kickboxing Class Etiquette, Scarsdale, New York

Kickboxing is enjoyable and useful for many reasons, but to get the most out of class time, it should be taken seriously. That is why there are certain rules of etiquette to follow during each class. To make sure you and your classmates have the best learning experience possible, below are a few etiquette tips to follow.

3 Rules for Kickboxing Class Etiquette

1. Respect the Class

Be punctual so that you don’t delay or interrupt the class. Listen to your instructor and trust their experience. Even if you’ve already done a lot of kickboxing training on your own, you’ll learn more from a trained professional. Try not to attend class if you’re sick so that you don’t risk spreading your illness to your instructor or classmates.

2. Be Clean & Organized

kickboxingPromote hygiene in the gym by spraying disinfectant on any equipment you use during your kickboxing training and wiping it off with a clean towel. Since bacteria accumulate on the bottom of your shoes, take them off if you need to get onto a mat. This also prevents you from causing an injury by stepping on someone’s bare foot with your sole. Keep your personal items safe inside a locker rather than on the mat or training area so that no one trips over them during class.

3. Keep Safety in Mind

Knowing that sparring requires close proximity with someone else, make sure you prioritize your partner’s well-being. Be constantly vigilant of your surroundings, and find ample space for you to practice with minimal chances of hitting equipment or other people. If you do hit someone by accident, apologize immediately and try to put more distance between you.


Located in Scarsdale, NY, 914 Training Center provides plenty of space where you can learn kickboxing with people who care about hard work and good etiquette. The owner, a muay thai champion, also holds classes for other forms of martial arts and self-defense training for kids and women. Whether you want to lose weight, prepare for a law enforcement career, or just want to become stronger and more disciplined, 914 Training Center has a program for you. Ask about their available classes by calling (914) 437-5353 or visiting them online.

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