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Key Steps for Successfully Restoring Your Old Cottage October 25, 2019

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Key Steps for Successfully Restoring Your Old Cottage, Rochester, New York

Old cottages and bungalows carry a unique charm that many modern structures just can’t match, including classic details and even hand-made materials. Restoring a small home to its former glory is almost always worthwhile, but it can be a demanding project that requires the expertise of an experienced architect. Once you’ve decided to start renovations, follow the steps below to bring your vision to life.

Research the Style

If your goal is restoration, knowing certain aspects of the building and the architectural style of the era will help guide your decisions. You may even be able to find pictures of how the cottage looked when it was originally built, which can help you figure out if any important elements have been removed or damaged over the years.

Hire an Architect

architectCottages may be smaller structures, but renovation is still a big project. An architect offers valuable insight into the original building style and can help seamlessly integrate the modern elements you need into the original design. They can also make improvements based on your lifestyle and on the aspects that make your old cottage so special.

Discovering a failing foundation or beam after renovations have started can bring the entire project to a halt. The best architectural firms also have their own engineers, who will inspect the building for hidden defects and other issues.

Oversee the Renovations

There are some projects you can handle yourself, but many aspects of a renovation should be handled by experienced contractors. Your cottage will likely require plumbing upgrades, electrical work, and a new roof. Coordinating with all of these professionals can be overwhelming, which is why many choose to have a general contractor oversee the project.

As a full-service design firm, Pardi Partnership Architects PC offers a seamless, streamlined process, from the initial designs to the finishing touches. With their effective process and deep pool of talent, they’ve helped historic homeowners throughout the Rochester, NY, area breathe new life into old buildings. Visit their website to see some samples of their work and follow their Facebook for news and updates. Call (585) 454­-4670 to get started on your project today.

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