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What Causes Car Windows to Get Stuck? October 14, 2019

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What Causes Car Windows to Get Stuck? , Hastings, Nebraska

There’s nothing like rolling down your car’s windows on a cool day and enjoying the breeze while you drive. However, if the mechanism that moves the door window glass fails, you might end up with a window stuck up or down. If it’s stuck up, it’s an inconvenience, but if it’s stuck down, it can compromise your safety. Here’s more about what causes this problem and what you should do about it.

What You Should Know About Stuck Door Window Glass

What Causes Stuck Windows?

To raise and lower door window glass in its channel, the car relies on a regulator attached to an electric motor. Over time, this regulator may wear out, or the motor and wiring may fail. If these problems occur, you may find yourself with a window that’s slow to open or refuses to budge. Diagnosing the issue will help you seek the necessary repairs.

What Should You Do?

door window glassFirst, narrow down the cause of the issue. Did all your windows stop working at once? If so, a broken fuse may be cutting power to the windows. If only one window seems slow or gets stuck occasionally, its motor may be slowly going out. If one window is fully stuck, press the button to raise or lower it. If you hear the motor struggling to work, it may have gone bad, or the regulator may be stuck.

If the window is stuck halfway, don’t try to force it up or down. You could damage the regulator and make repairs more expensive. Instead, find a door window glass company that can repair it. They’ll complete the necessary fixes carefully to avoid damaging the glass. If you notice any signs of poor performance in the future, seek a tune-up before a window gets fully stuck.


For help with a stuck window, as well as glass repairs and replacements, visit Auto Glass Experts in Hastings, NE. Their team has more than 40 years of combined experience fixing chipped windshields, broken regulators, and replacing door window glass. To learn more about their services, call (402) 463-0025, or visit their website.

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