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5 Ways Mitsubishi Electric® Comfort Systems Will Keep Your Home Warm This Winter September 30, 2019

Forest Hills, Queens
5 Ways Mitsubishi Electric® Comfort Systems Will Keep Your Home Warm This Winter, Queens, New York

Having an efficient home comfort system is vital during the cold winter months; keeping your house at the right temperature is important for for your health and well-being. Mitsubishi Electric® technology lets you customize your heating while saving energy and lowering costs. Here are some of the ways their state-of-the-art technology can keep your home comfortable when the temperatures drop. 

How a Mitsubishi Electric HVAC System Will Keep You Warm  

1. Instant Hot Start

It’s common to turn on your heating system hoping to feel warm right away, only to have it push out a draft of cold air. With Mitsubishi Electric’s Instant Hot Start that will no longer be a problem. This technology ensures that there are no blasts of cold air when it starts up, only warm, comforting air.

2. 3D I-See Sensor™

If you’ve ever had the experience of repeatedly checking the reading on your thermostat to make sure you selected the right temperature, the 3D I-See Sensor will put an end to this annoyance. Your comfort system will no longer struggle to maintain the temperature you selected; Mitsubishi Electric sensors scan the room and make automatic adjustments to keep a precise temperature.

3. Zone Control 

Mitsubishi ElectricMany families disagree about what the perfect temperature should be in their home. Even when it’s cold outside, some people get too hot while others feel it’s not warm enough. Zone Control prevents those disagreements by letting you create customized comfort zones. It also saves energy by not over- or under-heating areas.

4. H2I® Technology

H2I Technology is ideal during extreme temperatures. Using Hyper-Heating, the technology will keep your house perfectly warm during the coldest days of winter, and the pumps will still perform well even when temperatures are as low as -13° F outdoors. H2I Technology also maintains maximum efficiency to save energy and keep costs down. 

5. Air Filtration 

Air filtration is crucial for making sure you feel the full effects of your HVAC system. It’s also essential for keeping the air in your home clean and healthy. Mitsubishi Electric’s system removes contaminants, such as bacteria and allergens, protecting people with respiratory issues and asthma. 


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Here’s what one customer had to say about working with them:

“They installed the whole house split system in our house in the Forest Hills Gardens. I talked with another company and when they saw the list of requirements from the Forest Hills Gardens Corporation they increased their price by a lot so we went with Weston. They did a great job, concealing all the ducts both outside and inside the house..." - M. N., Yelp