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3 Women's Haircuts That Are Flattering for Round Faces October 14, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
3 Women's Haircuts That Are Flattering for Round Faces, Manhattan, New York

When you find an attractive haircut in a magazine or online, consider your face shape before committing to a chop. If you have a round face, for example, some styles might throw off your perfect facial symmetry or emphasize your chin and jaw in a way you may not want. Here are a few ideas of cuts to try if you have this cute face shape.

3 Haircuts That Look Stunning on Round Faces

1. Long & Layered 

New-York-New-York-haircutIf you want to maintain the length, have a hairstylist layer your tresses. This adds texture and dimension to the hair without creating volume that makes a wide forehead and jawline appear wider. A tiered cut with a middle part makes a round face look longer and slender. Without distracting bangs, the bridge of the nose becomes front and center, making a round face appear more oval-shaped. 

2. Faux-Hawk

New-York-New-York-haircutIf you want to try a super-short or edgy haircut, opt for a style with tapered sides and longer length in the crown. This way, with a bit of styling gel, you can create a faux-hawk. The height in the crown offsets the fullness of the cheeks and jawline, making a round shape appear narrower. 

3. Concave Bob

New-York-New-York-haircutWith a concave bob cut, locks are generally shorter in the back, resting on or slightly below the base of the skull. The length gradually becomes longer toward the front of the face. As hair is kept sleek and close to the head, it can make wide-set cheeks appear closer together. The angle of the hair in the front can also make a round jaw look more slender. This is a sophisticated cut that will make you stand out.


If you want to get a haircut that flatters your face, visit Bloom Beauty Lounge. Based in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, this hair salon has a team of skilled stylists who will take your hair texture and face shape into account to craft a look you’ll love. They also carry organic hair products to keep your locks healthy between appointments. Find out about each staffer’s area of expertise online and call (212) 255-9355 to book services. Become an Instagram follower for more haircut ideas. 

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