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How Frequently Should I Clean My Carpet? November 18, 2019

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How Frequently Should I Clean My Carpet?, St. Augustine, Florida

Many homeowners vacuum and spot-treat their carpeting to keep it looking and smelling great. However, getting a regular professional carpet cleaning offers more benefits than a simple surface sweep. Here is some information on the advantages of an expert appointment and how frequently to set up these sessions.

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning My Carpet?

Carpet CleaningOver time, pet fur, human hair, dander, skin cells, dirt, and food crumbs all become embedded in the carpet. While vacuuming will remove the top layer of debris, professional carpet cleaning teams can get to the bottom of the fibers. This makes the carpet look better, while also improving the air quality by removing contaminants that can irritate the respiratory system.

Cleaning teams use innovative technology such as bonnet cleaning for short pile carpet that doesn’t take moisture well. They may use dry cleaning for patterned flooring that may not retain coloration if exposed to hot water. Many companies also offer hot water extraction and shampoo to wash the fibers, mitigating caked-on dirt and stains, and deodorizing the flooring. All these methods will prevent the strands from sticking together and creating a matted feel, while also removing dirt and bits that could stretch the carpet out.

How Frequently Should I Schedule a Cleaning?

Clean homes with no pets, no smokers, and a few residents should schedule a cleaning once a year or every 18 months. Houses with larger families or several pets may need two annual cleanings to keep up with the extended traffic. Those who have frequent guests or parties will also benefit from extra carpet cleanings per year. 

Individuals who have allergies to mold, pollen, or pets, and those who have respiratory problems like asthma or COPD, should ask their doctors about carpet cleaning. Getting this service more often can remove contaminants better, and make those affected more comfortable at home by mitigating irritants. They may need to set up these appointments more frequently to improve the indoor air quality and limit symptoms.



When you’re ready to schedule a professional carpet cleaning, contact SERVPRO of Greater St. Augustine/St. Augustine Beach in Saint Augustine, FL. The expert team has been in business since 1967, offering mold remediation and mitigating fire and water damage, as well as cleaning commercial and residential carpets. Call (904) 429-4457 or visit their website for information on their high-quality cleaning equipment.

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