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How to Encourage Children to Take Dance Lessons September 30, 2019

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How to Encourage Children to Take Dance Lessons, Newark, Ohio

If you’re looking for a fun new activity for your little one to participate in and release some of their energy, then dance lessons are great outlets. Some children may be apprehensive, so positive encouragement and parental engagement can help. Here are some ways to motivate your budding dancer. 

3 Ways to Encourage Children to Dance

1. Observe a Class

Perhaps your child shows some interest in dancing, either by twirling in the living room or by asking to go to their peer’s dance recitals. But if they are apprehensive about joining in on the fun, observing a class can be a fantastic way to show them what dance lessons offer. They’ll see stretches, moves, and choreography. Letting them see other kids their age partaking in the art could be the encouragement they need. It’s also a terrific way for them to connect with their peers and build confidence by trying something new. 

2. Encourage Self-Competitiveness

dance-lessons-OHIf your child is already in dance classes, you can continue to encourage their development by asking them questions and getting them to think about how they can critique their performances. Did they work as hard as they’re capable of, or can they do something better? What can they do at home to improve? It’s important to let them know that challenging themselves is just as vital to their development as competing with others. Excelling in dance is not all about out-shining their peers.

3. Try Different Styles of Dance

Exposure to ballet, tap, or jazz can help your little one identify where their weaknesses, strengths, and preferences are. Maybe they’ll like hip-hop music and dance if they like quick freestyle dancing to fast beats. Classical music and ballet may appeal to children with very focused personality types because this style encourages precision. Enroll them into different classes throughout the year until they figure out which style they’d like to partake in and learn more about. 


Dance lessons are a great way to keep your child engaged with their peers. Extracurricular activities can teach your child discipline and dedication to see something through. The instructors at Joan Garrett Dance Arts Studio in Newark, OH, have more than 50 years of experience and can help any child elevate their love for dance. You can meet with an instructor before enrolling your child by calling (740) 344-8789, or you can visit them online for more information. 

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