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An Introduction to the Different Classes of RVs September 26, 2019

Lincoln, Lancaster
An Introduction to the Different Classes of RVs, Lincoln, Nebraska

Does your family enjoy camping? Or the idea of spontaneous vacations on the open road? An RV can take you on all kinds of adventures. However, with so many different types to choose from—ranging in size, amenities, and RV service needs—take a moment to review the following guide to help you narrow down the options.

5 Kinds of RVs

1. Class A

Class A motorhomes are the largest, often capable of sleeping six to 10 people. These rigs often have pop-out sections to add extra space and come equipped with the amenities of a house, like a toilet and a sink, a shower, stove, fridge, and even an oven. These are typically the most expensive RVs due to their size and low fuel efficiency. However, with this heft comes the ability to tow up to an additional 10,000 pounds.

2. Class B

Class B motorhomes are the smallest, often under 5,000 pounds, but most people can stand up in them. These vehicles can park in regular-sized parking spots and typically offer the most efficient gas mileage due to their size. Camper vans are the most common class B motorhome, and owners can get RV service for these models at most mechanics. They often contain a bed and a small kitchen like a sink and counters, but many don’t have showers, toilets, or stoves. 

3. Class C

Class C RVs are built on a chassis cab—a half-truck or half-van—that will pull the vehicle but cannot be detached from the motorhome. These models typically feature sleeping areas over the cab of the car and can host up to eight people. The trailer is strong enough to tow a car up to 3,500 pounds if you want to park the motorhome at a campground or lot and explore the area.

4. Tow Behind 

RV serviceYou can pull a tow-behind or travel trailer RV with a vehicle that has a hitch. Some are small teardrop trailers that feature just a mattress while others offer many comforts of home such as a kitchen, bed, couch benches, and a toilet. These models weigh around 5,000 pounds and some can be towed by SUVs or cars.

5. Fifth Wheel

People who want the versatility of a tow-behind with additional space should look into a fifth wheel. Some weigh 2,400 pounds while others get up to 20,000 pounds. You'll need a truck with an integrated connection to tow these models that feature over-cab sleeping areas, pop-outs, and full bathrooms. 


If you need RV service for your new motorhome, contact Stephenson Truck Repair in Lancaster County, NE. The top-notch mechanical team has been in the area since 1966 and offers fair pricing for high-quality repair and maintenance work. Call the Lincoln-area family-owned and -operated company at (402) 466-8532 to set up an appointment. Visit the website for more information on their offerings. 

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