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4 Important Safety Tips for Moving Into a New Home October 17, 2019

Kenvil, Morris County
4 Important Safety Tips for Moving Into a New Home, Kenvil, New Jersey

Moving to a new home can be exciting, but it’s important to keep your family’s safety in mind in this new and unfamiliar environment. Even if you’ve moved into a safe neighborhood, taking some essential security measures can bring your family some valuable peace of mind. Luckily, there are some very easy things you can do to keep your family safe and secure, from lock installation to altering your landscaping.

How to Make Your New Home Safe & Secure

1. Install a Video Doorbell

A video doorbell gives you the ability to see who’s at your front door. This gives you the opportunity to decide if it’s a good idea to answer your door. You can even answer your door without being physically near it. The mere presence of a video doorbell can also be a deterrent for potential criminals.

2. Change the Locks

lock installationWhen you’re first moving into a new home, the locks are likely the same ones used by the previous homeowner. You have no idea who has access to keys for those locks. The original owners might still have a copy. They could have given out copies or even lost them. A professional locksmith can quickly and easily perform new lock installation services to give you a fresh start in your new home.

3. Invest in New Landscaping

People who are looking to break into homes often seek out easy targets. If your front yard is filled with overgrown plants that potential burglars can easily hide behind, it may be time for a change. Trim your landscaping to a manageable size. For extra security, add gravel or thorny bushes near windows, and include extra lighting to limit hiding spots near entry points.

4. Get to Know Your Neighbors

Knowing the neighborhood can help you get an idea of any potential threats or issues that may impact your safety. Being part of a local social circle has many benefits; for instance, a neighbor may alert you to a recent string of break-ins on a nearby street. As you move in, try to talk to as many neighbors as possible, or even invite a few over for dinner.



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