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4 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agency October 2, 2019

Randleman, Randolph
4 Reasons to Choose an Independent Insurance Agency, Randleman, North Carolina

When seeking an insurance agent, finding a person who possesses the right qualities is crucial for all future interactions. The type of agent you work with also makes an impact. Captive agents only provide insurance products from a single carrier, while independent agents are free to shop around. Here’s a closer look at the benefits the latter provides.

Why You Should Work With an Independent Insurance Agent

1. They Provide a Neighborly Approach

Independent insurance agents live and work in the same area as their clients, which means they’re invested in making the community all that it can be. This neighborly commitment is evident in all they do, from shopping locally to supporting organizations and charities around town—and from a business standpoint, they know just what the region calls for when it comes to protection. 

2. They Provide More Options to Choose From

From a practical perspective, independent insurance agencies help clients save money. They leverage strong relationships with numerous carriers to bring you the best insurance products at a price you can afford. This makes it easier for you to maximize coverage on a budget.

3. They Cover Various Insurance Needs

insurance agencyIt’s more convenient and cost-effective to purchase all necessary insurance products from the same company. Most independent agents provide a wide range of coverages, including home, auto, and liability insurance. Bundling multiple policies may provide you with a discount.

4. They Insist on Quality Customer Service

Finally, working with larger national insurance companies can make you feel like a number. With an independent agent, you can rest assured that you’ll be speaking to a real live person when you call the office. You’ll also get a speedier response if you have policy questions or need to file a claim. 


You also want to know that the local insurance agent you choose has the right experience. The agents at MP Davis Insurance Agency are backed by more than four decades of experience, during which time the company has earned a reputation for excellence among residents in Randleman, NC. They provide a range of insurance services, from coverage of watercraft to workers’ compensation for business owners. Call (336) 498-7606 to schedule a consultation or visit the website for the full listing of services. 

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